Week One – A not so long time ago in a cinema not very far away…

In case you didn’t guess from the title, our first film of the 52 film challenge was “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Disclaimer, I did actually already see this film once, last week on my birthday with my cousin: But we’re going to ignore that and I’m going to set up my reviews as normal. I really, really enjoyed this, so I know that it’s going to be good.

Shin’s rating: 4.5/5

The rest of this review contains spoilers, so if you don’t want them, don’t read any further.

Probably the first thing that everyone should know about this film is don’t get attached to any of the characters because that is a sure fire way to really not enjoy the ending of the film. Though truthfully, if you went into this film expecting it to have a happy ending… what were you thinking.

My favourite moment, that I’m still giggling about to myself, is Darth Vadar’s pun. I’m not saying what it is for those who haven’t watched it, but that pun has endeared Vadar to me in a way I hadn’t ever expected. I laughed just as hard second time through as I did on the first run through.

I loved the dynamic with the main “good” characters. K2 was so hilariously blunt, now I see why my friends like to keep me around, because K was basically me. I am actually that blunt with everything. The begrudging partnership to trusting friends of Jyn and Cassian was great to watch on screen, and Chirrut and Baze were just great fun to watch with their bickering but devoted familiarity.

On the whole, the story was well executed, and more original within the Star Wars franchise than the others. The violence wasn’t glorified, and the rebels were shown for having remorse for what they’d done in the name of freedom. It was a powerful message, really, in the world we’re currently living in with the rise of hate and intolerances. None of us want to live in a world like that, unfortunately, many places in the world we do.

Honestly, for me one of the most difficult exchanges, but the one that I think covers for a great many civilians in these war zones. They just want to go about their lives, the petty bickering of governments they have no connection to are unimportant. It’s between Saw and Jyn on Jeddha

“You can stand to see the Empire’s flag flying across the galaxy?”
“It’s not a problem if you don’t look up.”

Geneveive O’Reilly was also the perfect casting for Mon Mothma, and it was really nice to see her in something where she didn’t have a douchebag husband and wasn’t banging Matt LeBlanc (though her performance in Episodes S1-3 was spectacular.) She was probably the best casting, and it was nice to see Jimmy Smits return as Bail Organa (and gave me feels about President Santos all through it…)

Long story short, this is out of cinemas soon (though if you’re lucky enough to have a second run cinema near you you have a little while to watch it) but I recommend you try and make time to go and see it if you haven’t yet. There were a lot of kids in my showing today, but honestly I wouldn’t say it’s suitable for kids below 10, so if you are taking your kids to it, be aware of that. There is a lot of violence.


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