Week Four – A Reet Song and Dance

So, I’ve not reviewed for a couple of weeks, though I’ve still seen the films. Basically I’m lazy as hell. Anyway now I’m catching up. Week Four took us to “La La Land”.

Shin’s Rating: 3/5

The rest of this review contains spoilers, so beware if you continue!

I really enjoyed this, and while I think it’s a great film, it has been VASTLY overhyped. It is worth watching. Though I do have my criticisms of it, and most of them are to do with the female lead.

Emma Stone is an interesting actress, I quite like her… but she didn’t work in this. She didn’t have the voice nor the dancing skills, really, to pull the character off. While I enjoy her in other things, in this she brought me down and out of the narrative more than once.

Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, I thought was magnificent. I loved how his character had a very impassioned speech about jazz music, and I completely agreed with him. I love jazz, it was my FAVOURITE part about visiting New Orleans, I feel like this film would have been better set there for his storyline (but obviously not for Emma Stone’s).

The storyline though, while being fun and carried well, was nothing brand new. The songs were extremely catchy (I still sing a couple of them to myself from time to time) but they weren’t groundbreaking.

All in all, it was a very, very fun film. If you like singing, dancing and jazz music you’ll enjoy this. If you dislike any of the above, don’t watch it.



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