Week 6: Not So Hidden Praise

This film is one that I think almost everyone I know has seen, but still. Week 6 sent us to “Hidden Figures“.

Shin’s Rating: 500/5

The rest of this review contains spoilers, so beware if you continue!


Kickass historical space ladies.

I wish I could leave the review at that but, I feel like you all deserve me to say a lot more than that. Because this film was, truly, one of my all time favourite films from just one viewing.

It is based on three black women who worked for NASA in the 60s. They were genii, more so than any of us could probably ever dream to be, and they are basically the reason that the space programme succeeded as well as it did.

The film splits it’s time fairly evenly between Katherine, Mary and Dorothy. Katherine is a genius mathematician, a literal human computer, and she is called in to check everyone’s maths. She’s even, eventually, called in to check the computer’s maths, because there was a good chance it was wrong.

Mary wants to be an engineer, she’s got an amazing mind and to get that position she needs to fight to take the classes she needs. Not only as a woman, but as a black woman in Virginia. She succeeds.

Dorothy sees that the world is changing, and she studied her ass off to make sure that she was ready to change with it, and became an expert in computers. It shows how she fought for all of her girls, and how she didn’t stand for them being treated badly.

Of course, just like in real life, the mission succeeded because of these three women, and that was amazing to see played out on a screen.

I promise you, I’ll be seeing this one again. Go see it.


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